On January 12th 2003, in Phoenix (Arizona), a 21-year old computer addict died of an overdosis of prescription drugs while chatting on the internet.
Soon after this tragic event, a text file containing a transcription of the dialogs that occured in the chatroom appeared on numerous websites.
Re-processing the dialogs recorded before, during and after his death, the N3krozoft Ltd multimedia group expands the network tragedy into a caustic ectoplasmic seance.

Press reviews:
“The chat log is screened all the while in real time like film credits rolling: for 80 harrowing minutes the time code of the dialogue determines our sense of time. The authors of N3krozoft Mord intervene subtly in this sober yet obsessive repetition of the event. The footage of a moving camera is manipulated in situ as though mirroring the dying man’s drug-fuelled mental state. The grim setting of Ripper’s desk, covered in equipment, paper, ashtrays, pizza boxes and glasses, is adapted from the opening scene of the film Matrix.”
Raffael Dörig,, 11/10/2004

“Es ist das Gleichzeitige von Gegenwärtigkeit und Abwesenheit des Protagonisten, die erschüttert. Die Kluft zwischen Einblick in Intimsphären und physischer Unnahbarkeit, zwischen Sprache, Bild und Körper, wird in der künstlerischen Umsetzung emotional eindringlich visualisiert.”
Ursula Badrutt Schoch, St.Galler Tagblatt, 15/3/2005

LOL was supported by Sitemapping Mediaprojects (Swiss Federal Office of Culture)

LOL (laughing out loud)