Mapping New Territories

Title: Mapping New Territories – Swiss Media Art international
Edited by: Federal Office of Culture, [], Neue Kunst Halle St. Gallen
Format: Book and CD-ROM
Release date: 03/2005

Featured project: LOL (laughing out loud)
Editors: Raffael Dörig and Annina Zimmermann

268 pages, 4 colour-cards, brochured, german/french/english
Christoph Merian Verlag, Basel, 2005
ISBN 3-85616-238-0

//// A publication mapping the swiss media art scene and documenting recent projects by N3krozoft Ltd, Knowbotic Research, 56kTV-Bastard Channel and others.

//// “Media art, in contrast to the usual historical and technocultural focus, is profoundly and reciprocally linked to cutting-edge trends in the field of so-called traditional art. For this reason, it is high time that art and media art were brought into new territories, opening up the opportunity to show and discuss what they have in common.” – Yvonne Volkart, Ranging through Recharted Territory

LOL (laughing out loud)