QWERTZ 4.33 is a piece of experimental software commissioned by the art magazine Zeitschrift (founded in 2002 in Vienna) for the edition “Univers” (issue #9, September 2005).

Working at the same time on the concept of machine-generated text (linked to the development of the H3X project) N3krozoft Ltd created the application named QWERTZ 4.33. Similar in some aspects to the audio remix tool >3f.schönberg, QWERTZ is a complex system of buffers able to process any form of semantic input. Any selected text file will be transformed and reorganized following various stochastical patterns.

For this specific publication, QWERTZ 4.33 was programmed to use as source material the content of the previous issues of Zeitschrift. The result is an ever-changing cadavre exquis made of fragments from the magazine’s articles.

Exhibited at the Zeitschrift Univers release events:

Display, Prague, 4/2005
History World, Wien, 5/2005

Information, Download: http://www.theselection.net/zeitschrift