Babel Project Bucharest

N3krozoft realizes the first step of a new body of works: the Babel Project, an in-depth exploration into psychogeography and subterrannean urbanism. The project was initiated from May 30th-June 2nd in Bucharest as a parallel project of the Bucharest Biennale.

ChloƩ Cramer, Deirdre Foster, Boris Kish, Manuel Schmalstieg

Supported by:
L’Association Autour du Monde
Le Bout du Monde
BB2 – the Bucharest Biennale
Test Point – Bucharest
University of Arts Bucharest

Special thanks to Christi and Niki (Test Point), Razvan Ion (Bucharest Biennale), Roxana Trestioreanu (University of Arts Bucharest), Fred (le Bout du Monde).

Dedicated project website:

Babel Project