FilmSpring 07

Film director and n3krozoft Ltd representative Boris Kish has been selected as a participant in Film Spring 2007, a three-week workshop under the direction of Slawomir Idziak (director of photography for: Bleu, La Double Vie de Véronique, Gattaca, Black Hawk Down, Harry Potter V, …).


After a collective online script-writing process, a group of 15 directors and DOP’s from different countries got together in northern Poland for an epic three week long workshop. The aim was to experiment collaborative film-making by shooting the script we collectively wrote. It proved endless struggles concerning plot points and merciless arguments between fell-good movie fans and drama afficionados.
Great fun and no film at all in the end !

Still i am happy to show 2 raw videos i directed during this time.
Thanks to actors Monica Borg Fure and Florian Sonnefeld and all the crew !

1: an improvisation technique i invented on the spot that could be called swimming in the sea of action verbs (musically accomodated with MrDame’s fine tune):

2: the amazingly absurd Killer Kite plot-point dream sequence i drafted the nite before shooting: