Listening to data – reading NN

Brno, Saturday October 15th: N3krozoft Ltd representative M. Schmalstieg has been directing a collaborative reading workshop, “Listening to data”, in the frame of the 3rd Czech-German symposium Media Performance 3.

N3krozoft Ltd representative M. Schmalstieg gave the audience a glance on the ongoing Kontinuum N+N memory project. The talk was followed by an impromptu reading session, where participants joined their voices in an attempt at decyphering some of the mailing-list fragments and hypertext manifestos that where disseminated during the years 1995-2003 across the infosphere by the antiorp / integer / =cw4t7abs entity.

Sources of the text fragments:

1965 2 forsz hano! 2 ordrd p!lotz bomb ha!fong + hano!…
by f1f0 at, 7th December 1998 (SoundHack mailing-list)

[ot] [!nt] \n2+0\ temperatur. pa!n. !r!taz!on + preszur.
by integer at, 1st June 2000 (LEV mailing-list)

[ot] [!nt] \n2+0\ Russian dolls 4 dze ganze veLt
by integer, January 29 2001 (55 mailing-list)

Kontinuum N+N is an ongoing research and documentation around a distributed personality that haunted the global electronic networks during the years 1999 to 2003, polarizing the online community with her radical software experiments before escaping into digital oblivion.


November 7th 2011: On the request of 0f0003 Maschinenkunst, N3krozoft Ltd apologizes for having referenced online media attributed to NN, hereby infringing 0f0003’s intellectual property. Given the educational nature of the presentation, as well as the clear indication of the sources given by the presenter, we do not believe that we published any “false and defamatory information”.
Addendum: Cease and desist letter from 0f0003